We have a simple principle – we do everything in the most sustainable way possible down to the details.  If you buy a product from us you know it’s friendly to the planet.  We believe that we are part of creating the circular economy, making a market for sustainable products that are currently niche, but one day will be the norm.  We have worn kit from a LOT of suppliers over the years and we believe that the quality of our kit is up there with the best we have ever used. 

This page gives you some details of some of the products that we supply:

Cycling kit  

Our kit is made from recycled fabrics in a factory that uses 100% renewable energy sources.  Most of the fabric is made from mechanically recycled polyester that is, literally, made from recycled plastic bottles.  This not only helps with the source materials but saves about 60% of the energy and 94% of the water used in the process, compared for first-use polyester.  The kit also contains chemically recycled nylon sourced from end-of-life fishing nets and carpets.  It is chemically identical to virgin nylon.  The elastane that gives the garments the form-fitting properties that you are probably familiar with is also recycled. 


We source our accessories from a few different suppliers.  Our socks are sourced from a supplier local to us.  Our first batch of socks were made in Portugal, the second batch made 30 minutes ride from HQ.  They are made from hydrocycled, upcycled cotton.  The materials are sourced from fabric clippings and end of roll fabrics that are remanufactured into a fresh yarn.  Our other accessories are made from what we know as ‘post-consumer plastic waste’ but you might recognise as a bottle you put in the recycling.  It goes to a shredder where it is chipped and then turned into filament yarn that is used to make your arm and leg warmers.

Leisure wear 

We source our leisure wear from a supplier who uses pre-consumer salvaged organic cotton and post-consumer polyester to manufacture t-shirts and hoodies.  The cotton comes from unused cuttings and these are added to fibres from plastic bottles to make the fabric.  They meet the Global Recycle Standard and Organic Content Standard.  The icon branding label is also woven from recycled polyester, and even the thread used to sew them on is recycled (we insisted!).


All our packaging is recycled and the vast majority is 100% recycled, even though it’s a lot more expensive to us (crazy isn’t it?!).  We have a few items that we have been unable to source as 100% recycled but we source the highest % we can get and will move to 100% as soon as we can.  We do not use plastic packaging tape.  Our stickers that we love to send you are biodegradable (unlike the more common vinyl ones).  Your kit will be shipped to you in compostable packaging.  The string on our hang-tags is jute.  Even our stamp was made from reclaimed oak and our ink pad uses a vegan ink!

If you have a question about sustainability we would love to hear from you, and we can let you know the answer and add it to the next update of this page.