Meet the Crew

Caroline - CEO
Caroline has been riding Cyclocross for years, having first started racing when the kids were little. Taking 4 small children to race their own races at cyclocross, she soon realised that she also could get a good work out and could join in.  Jumping in with both feet, and not having a clue about off-road riding, she was quickly hooked.  She now races both CX and MTB in the National Series and is regularly on the podium. 
Setting up a sustainable business with Grity has been the most enormous and unexpected fun.  It has always been a dream which never seemed possible and she can't really believe that designs have been turned into reality.  Being able to make a small difference to our global environment on the way is the icing on the cake!
Neil - Brand and Marketing Director

Neil loves all things cycling and has a particular passion for cyclocross. He is one of the voices of cyclocross, being host of The Crosscast podcast.  He races both Cyclocross and MTB in each respective National Series and has just returned from racing Cyclocross World Masters in Hamburg. 

Neil has a background in Design Engineering and has worked with research into high-tech products for a long time.  He has worked on making vehicles more efficient and comfortable, and worked on introducing recycled materials to car seats in the 90’s, and making all kinds of vehicles lighter and more efficient.  He has also worked in lots of sports, working on sports technology and performance, from cycling to golf, motorsport to winter sliding sports. 

Having Neil on board means that we have the technical knowledge needed to cover the technicalities of recycled clothing, the design, and the application into cycle sport.