What does it mean to be a sustainable brand?


It sounds very grand to be ‘sustainable’, and we all know that being sustainable is desirable, but what does it really mean?   

I have always tried really hard to be environmentally friendly by choosing organic food options at the supermarket, going direct to the farm shop or even growing food myself; using washable nappies; installing solar panels on my house; driving an electric car.  Nowadays, being environmentally friendly and sustainable has a wider meaning.

For us at pritygrity it means making choices that consider both the environmental and socio-economic aspects of manufacture, marketing and use.  It means that we source fabrics that are recycled (all of our products use recycled yarns, including our labels).  Our packaging materials are recyclable, manufactured from recycled fibres and are biodegradable, but we love it when you re-use your box.  Even our stickers are made from sugar cane and are biodegradable.  It means that we choose factories who manufacture using renewable energy sources, and here at HQ we have solar power so sunny days are especially welcome!  It means we promote more sustainable consumption patterns, for example, paying attention to wash practises to choose a lower wash temperature.  It means that we source the highest quality resources making the lowest environmental impact.  But what we have found is that recycled does not mean compromising quality.  Our products are every bit as good as the best kit we have worn (and we’ve worn a lot over the years).

We don’t see an alternative: small steps lead to big changes, and every little step helps to improve the bigger global picture. 



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