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#ShowYourStripes global warming sustainable

We just received our first 1000 stickers that we like to include in our packaging.  They are based on the pritygrity logo filled with the global warming stripes.


Not only do we love the look of our stickers, they’re the most sustainable that we can find.  They’re 95% by-product of sugar cane (sweet!), 5% hemp/linen, and are 100% compostable.  Being biodegradable they aren’t quite as robust as standard (non-biodegradable) vinyl stickers but that’s the point really.

We have a few on our van and bikes, and they’re doing well so far, being resistant to scratches and splashproof, but they’ll degrade pretty quickly if you soak them or put them in contact with oils.

We recommend that you use them indoors on laptops and phones, fridges and files, use them as a bookmark, stick them on your sketchbook, decorate your bedroom door.  Don’t forget to tag pritygrity when you post pictures of your sticker in pride of place; we love seeing their adventures 😊.

And if you would like some more then message us with your order number and we will pop a few more in the post.

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