Lockdown and UK racing cancelled or postponed - What am I training for now?

racing training

The news has just come in that the remainder of the prospective Cyclocross National Trophy races have been cancelled and that the National Championships has been postponed.  This leaves us with potentially 3 months of race-free bike riding.  What are the up-sides?  We’ve just saved our hotel fees which thankfully for us (but not for the hospitality sector) we can cancel.  We also get to stay at home for an extra few weekends.  But, to be honest, I can’t really think of any proper up-sides – because there aren’t any!  We are Cyclocross racers and racing weekends are what we love doing!

So, I began to ask myself what am I really training for?  Then I realised that whilst it is true that every bike ride is effectively a training ride, every bike ride is also what I love doing.  I actually quite like the discipline of going out riding every day and finding a way to squeeze that time into my day.  I actually quite like the fact that sometimes I ride in the dark because the day has been so busy that it’s nearly over before I can get out for some ‘training time’.  I actually quite like my training plan telling me to ride a bit harder for a bit longer, which I wouldn’t have done in ordinary ‘pre training plan’ bike riding days, but does give me a lovely endorphin release and lift my spirits.  I really like the feeling of being a bit fitter, the hills seeming a little less steep and my endurance range extending.  I need a connection with nature, I need to watch the seasons changing, I need to be made to go outside. 

And for the time being, that will have to be enough.

Secretly, deep inside, I’d like to be better for next season than I am now, so I’ve secretly already got my sights set on next year – sshh!

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