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So, what is Friday Inspiration all about? 

Every Friday our social media posts are themed for inspiration, normally to inspire something that could happen at the weekend.  They usually arise from something that has caught our attention in the past couple of weeks with the purpose of inspiring others to find something different and interesting to do or think about.  Our posts have included ideas such as riding Lime Kiln tunnels, trig points, road trips, and even collecting sloes to make gin.

This week our Friday Inspiration is to find somewhere in your locality where you can take your outdoor camping kettle for a little brew - even if it's using the camping stove in the back garden or on the allotment.  Let's remember, a cup of tea doesn't make a picnic!

As it turns out, it’s harder than ever to do something truly amazing at the weekend given the current circumstances of Lockdown 3, and never has it been more important to lift our spirits. 

So, let’s have a collective think about what could inspire us to get outside: places to go, things to do, challenges to conquer, adventures to be undertaken, curiosities to find.

What’s your Friday Inspiration?


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