First rides in our 2020 legwarmers


Pritygrity sustainable leg warmers

Now we are into the autumn and looking towards winter, a decent set of leg warmers is absolutely vital.  A leg-warmers and shorts combination gives the flexibly to change mid-ride, and is a cost-effective way of making your favourite shorts suitable for 12-months use.  We also know that sometimes we might find an unexpected rain storm, or we might even choose to go out in the rain!

The pritygrity leg warmers do what you would expect… i.e. keep your legs warm!  What makes ours different?  Like the rest of the range it is of course sustainably sourced, being manufactured from recycled materials (see ‘about us’ for more details).  The other key difference is that your pritygrity leg warmers will have a little space round the ankle meaning they go over your overshoes... so that when it rains it doesn't drain into your socks. Genius.⁠

Pritygrity sustainable leg warmers

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