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Have you ever wondered exactly how well travelled you are in your local area? If you are a Strava Local Legend you’ll definitely be a regular traveller outdoors, but I wonder whether you stick to your favourite routes or whether you are an explorer at heart?  Our Friday Inspiration this weekend is all about Explorer Squares.  What on earth are they?

Using a clever piece of software from VeloViewer which links to your Strava files, you can produce an image of your area covered with a grid squares coloured to show which squares you have travelled into and which ones you’ve never ever visited.  This is overlaid with a heat map of your favourite routes.  It might be that you are an Adventurer and know every inch of your area like the back of your hand.  It might even be that you live somewhere really rural and you have some squares have no access routes into them, being truly ‘wild!’ Maybe you live in an Urban setting and it is possible to even ride every road/pathway within every square.  It might also be that you are more of a Local Legend and rarely venture off your own beaten path. 

So I wonder, what type of Explorer are you?  Are you a Local  Adventurer or a Local Legend?  Why don’t you take a look at your own Explorer Square and tell us all about it.  We challenge you to extend the size of your Explorer Square this weekend!  You never know, you could be about to find gorgeous new Winter Wonderland routes that will become golden favourites.


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