Adventures - What are you planning?

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We’re fast hurtling towards Christmas, the nights are closing in and the temperatures are falling.  Most people head in doors and light the fire, but we are outdoorsy folk; we like fun, we love adventure.

Adventures?  What now? 

Well, why not?  Does an adventure have to be a summer thing? I don’t think so.  Maybe we need to plan around Lockdown though, so local adventures it might have to be for now.  What about circumnavigating your town, your area or your county?  What about planning an off-road gravel route that you’ve never done before locally?  What about investigating how far you can go along your local canal path?

At pritygrity HQ, we adventured along our local canal and river routes to ride into Leicester.  It was amazing to see our city from such a different angle – I honestly had no idea it was so lovely!  Next, I’d like to explore the canal path to Grantham.  I’ve always been much more interested in the hills in the Vale of Belvoir so now would be a great time to do something different – afterall, racing has been cancelled and I need to plan something local.

Grand Adventures: we can at least plan them even if we aren’t able to do them now.  So, what are you planning?

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  • Bronwen on

    Before the most recent London tier 2 was imposed, we put our bikes on the train into central London (15 mins by fast train) and had a fantastic day being guided by googlemaps on cycle/pedestrian routes, and cycle superhighways round a pretty deserted central London on a Sunday. Loved it – and as you said – a whole new perspective on a place to do it by bike instead of on foot or by car.

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